In your teaching practices, discuss the relevancy of belief statements?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is also a very basic element to all teachers.  I think that any belief statement, mission statement, vision statement, or an understanding of pedagogy has to be individually driven with a focus on the particular setting in which one teaches.  There is a core belief system that remains for teachers, but I believe that this has to be reflected of the needs in a particular educational setting.  This means that one enters a particular classroom condition with their set of beliefs and then refines them in their particular teaching situation in order to make them more effective with their students.  For example, if I believes in the Constructivist line of beliefs, meaning that I am an advocate for students being able to construct their own understanding of content and driving meaning from this reflective process, I have to understand where my students are in this.  If I am teaching students who grasp content easily, then my belief statement is altered to reflect this in that the basic content is understood and I focus on reflective activities or pedagogical applications that enable students to engage in higher end analysis of content.  If I recognize that my students are having challenges in grasping basic content, my Constructivist philosophy has to pivot towards students' obtaining foundational elements of content and from this, more reflective activities can emerge in the long term.  In this scenario, my belief statement is present, yet it is refined to the specific conditions and needs of my student. I  think that this becomes where relevant teaching is evident and where teacher beliefs meet student achievement.

mjones0108 | Student

Your entire behavior is based in what you believe to be true. It is wise to examine if your beliefs are based in fact. Constantly question.

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