Why are teachers so untrustworthy these days? I go to school in BC. I'm sure everyone's heard about the teacher that has been charged with 3 sex offences. I still go to that school and I used to...

Why are teachers so untrustworthy these days? 

I go to school in BC. I'm sure everyone's heard about the teacher that has been charged with 3 sex offences. I still go to that school and I used to get help with this teacher. I would stay with a friend (thankfully) to do volunteer hours. The teacher used to be so nice and you would never expect he would have been a well creep. It's got me proper shook and i still can't believe this because I used to go this teacher. I'm scared to stay after school for help. I don't feel safe at all anymore. I know the teacher's gone and i may be over exaggerating, but it's totally different when you knew the teacher.


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Sex offenders in schools are terrible.  I do not think there are necessarily more now than before, but maybe we are getting better at catching them.  As to why there are so many sex offenders in schools, that's obvious- it's where the children are.

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I would probably direct the question as to why people are so untrustworthy these days.

Those who step over the line are people first. Their jobs do not define who they are, but rather what they do. However, there are certain professions where we place our trust in individuals and feel totally betrayed when they disregard ethical boundaries.

We feel the same for policemen, leaders in the church, doctors, etc. I don't know that people are less trustworthy or that people who are victimized may feel safer coming forward these days than has been the case in the past.

Forty years ago, even ten years ago, victims often felt to blame some how for what had been done to them. That is not to say that it does not still happen today, but with so many watch dog organizations and support groups, I'd like to believe that those who are taken advantage of find it a little easier to seek justice and support.

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Teachers in general are no more untrustworthy than people in any other profession. Teachers are human, and some humans do bad things. Some police officers commit crimes. Some doctors abuse their patients. There are bad people in every profession and to label a whole group as untrustworthy is wrong.

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This isn't really much different than the above posts, just a slightly different formulation:  never move from the particular to the general.  It's not fair to the many teachers who show up every day, really care about their students, and do what they can to help everyone learn whatever it is they are teaching.

Teachers are in the spotlight (for some reason)---they are held up to expectations that far exceed the general population, perhaps because they deal directly with youth.

Think of all the teachers you have known who have worked hard for you.  There is no guarantee that you or anyone will not have a bad experience with a teacher/doctor/lawyer/minister/uncle--- whatever, but worry about things that may never happen, and are not all that likely to happen, can't be a good thing for you.  Just take appropriate cautions ....

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First, it's incredibly disturbing to hear yet another tale of teachers taking advantage of their students or their positions of authority. We had a similar situation occur at my school last year with a teacher/coach. From a teacher's perspective, it's embarrassing because we don't want to be lumped in with the creeps who teach, and we have to work that much harder to prove ourselves. But it's even worse from a student's perspective as you have noted in your post because it's impossible for a student not to think of the times when he or she trusted the abusive teacher.

You do need to be able to express how this situation has made you feel, and only do what you feel comfortable doing. If you do not think that you can stay after school for extra tutoring, see if your teachers will allow you to e-mail questions or turn to your peers who are in the same classes. Sometimes, students make the best tutors. In time, I hope that you will be able to see that not all, or even most, teachers are out to take advantage of their students.

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There is no excuse for what this teacher did, it was wrong and there is no doubt about that. This most certainly does not mean that all teachers are not trustworthy though. I can definitely understand how you must feel-that was a very scary situation. Continue to talk about it with those people around you that you do trust. Did your school set up some kind of support group to help students deal with this? I would check on that because there are probably other students who feel the same way you do.

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I agree with the previous teacher posts so far.

One thing I want to encourage you to do is keep talking about this (your feelings) with people you trust.  It is important for you to continue processing.  If it helps, get with a small group of peers and adults.  Or, perhaps right now, the best people for you to go to is your parents.

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Unfortunately, you now know firsthand that everyone can fail.  Please don't decide that all adults in authority are like this one.  It's not quite the same, but imagine assuming all teenagers were addicted to drugs just because I know one who is.  I'm sure the other teachers in your building are even more aware and careful now, probably making your building more safe now than it ever has been.  I sure don't blame you at all for being distraught; but I also don't want you to live your life in fear.  Stick with a friend, get help as you need it, and know that a huge majority of teachers want nothing more than to be helpful and encouraging as you learn and grow.  Blessings on the rest of your year.

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Every time I see a scandal like this, I get angry.  It's not like teachers aren't already having a tough time in the public eye, that a few creeps and perverts have to make the rest of us honorable and moral teachers look bad.

There are creeps and perverts in any industry, to be sure: government, business, even church.  It's horrible that this kind of predation is anywhere, but I do think that it seems worse with teachers just because they are so visible in the media and the public.

I'm so sorry you had to be in any kind of situation where you felt threatened.  It's just not something a student should ever have to worry about.  I hope you'll remember how many tens of thousands of teachers out there have never done any such thing, never would, and never could.

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I can see where it would freak you out if this is someone that you know and have been around.  On the other hand, I do not really think that that really means that teachers in general are not to be trusted.

Here's the way I look at it.  Think of how many teachers there are around.  It's a huge number, isn't it?  And how many of those end up commiting any sort of an offense?  It ends up being a really small percentage.

Anyway, you should be aware that in the US, at least, we teachers are taught never to be alone with a student.  So if a teacher is allowing you to be alone with them (especially with the door closed) that's a danger sign and you should be suspicious.

But don't let that make you think that all teachers are likely sex offenders.  It will just ruin your school experience.  Be smart about it and realize that they are people too and that they (like you) can end up doing bad things especially when allowed to get into dangerous situations (like being alone with students in closed rooms).

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actually most teachers are trust worthy if i need advice i go to mine but they cant always help so i go to councoling every thursday to cope .I have gone through alot and wow that is one messed up teacher most of the kids and cops do weed dwn here

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Unfortunately, morality (the practice, not the philosophy) is not one of those things they foster, I mean really foster, at the university level, which is where teachers eventually come from. Instead, they foster competition for good grades and social status. To achieve this, some people do not act very moral, and this is not just for teachers.

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I'm so sorry to hear that you had a something like this happen so close to you.  One thing that always bothers me is the negative publicity that teachers get in regards to things like this and it makes you feel betrayed, nervous, and scared.  You must remember all of the good teachers you have had, and the ones that work very hard to protect and educate you.  One bad apple cannot sour you against all of those who have taken an oath to help to mold you into a productive, respectful, and responsible citizen.

Most times you can tell from your intuition if a person is not to be trusted. When you meet another student you can tell if whether or not that person is someone to be trusted or one you would like to call your friend, and you can usually trust yourself the same way when dealing with a teacher.  There must be teachers who you do trust and can talk to about this dilemma and who can help you to feel better.  I'm sure you are not the only one in this position in your school, since this has happened so close to home.

I wish you luck and I hope that you will not let this situation harm your education and make you too nervous in your school.  Talk to people and let them know how you feel.  I know it is difficult to open up, especially after all of this, but I promise it will help.

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Teachers do value monetary gains more than what they deliver students, teachers sell education, the prime motif of the teachers these days is to earn more, while their motifs should be to deliver more, this makes teachers untrustworthy these days

  Are these just anecdotal observations or do you have data to prove your assertions?  Just wondering, yours is the first post I've replied to so not sure what the matrix are around posts.  In general, there are untrustworthy people in every walk of life, don't you think?

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Teachers do value monetary gains more than what they deliver students, teachers sell education, the prime motif of the teachers these days is to earn more, while their motifs should be to deliver more, this makes teachers untrustworthy these days

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