Why do you think that the chapter, "Discovering Tut:  The Saga Continues" is kept in our syllabus?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems like this is going to be a question that has to be asked of your instructor.  Without knowing the exact dimensions or content of the class, it will be difficult for anyone other than the instructor to provide an answer to this question.  I do think that you can do a couple of things here to help broaden your understanding of the question.  The first would be to examine what is in the course and step back and assess how the chapter fits into what is being covered.  Are there specific points or questions that the reading selection addresses that might be part of the course?  Is there something in the reading that talks about concepts about which you have been learning?  Sometimes, teachers or instructors place something in the class to come back to it later in order to expand understanding about concepts taught.  It initiates active learning because students have to go back and think about what they first thought was bunk within the new understanding that they have gained.  At that point, it's not as much bunk.  I think that thinking in this manner will help you, but asking your instructor is probably going to yield the most amount of results for you.

ramashishsharma | Student

"Discovering Tut:  The Saga Continues" prescribed for Class XI students is a beautiful chapter if discussed in the right perspective. The main objective is to sensitise students by presenting some vivid current issues related to archaeology. Lakhs of students study the book and there may be a large number of them with interest in this particular area of study. Next to it, the purpose it to expose students to the civilisation of Egypt which is a matter of interest and curiosity in the whole world. Thirdly, to draw attention of the readers to the delicate issues and actions related to archaelogy. Lastly to present to the young students glimpses of the ancient cultural practices of the word so that they can compare them with their own. I teach the lesson to my students and they find it so interesting and they raise various questions related to it as well. However, there are some children who level it as 'dry'. I believe it is the right kind of stuff for the senior  classes as they get food for the thought.

neha98 | Student

yes it is there bcozz i m also in 11th grade