WHY...  Why ......    My mother an American citizenship, my mother works as a doctor to help the Palestinian patients.   But the US government help the Jews to kill Palestinians.    Why this...



Why ......

   My mother an American citizenship, my mother works as a doctor to help the Palestinian patients.
   But the US government help the Jews to kill Palestinians.

   Why this contradiction?

   Why this contradiction between individual Americans and the US government?

   Why are we Christians hate Jews, but when we are in high positions, we must love Jews? Why?

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ...

  In fact I thank God because I am from Canada.... ^_^
I thank all those who will write his opinion.

Thank you very much.... ^_^

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You ask many questions that can be interpreted and answered in many ways, depending upon viewpoint and circumstances.

"Why this contradiction between individual Americans and the US government?" - because the individual is not a puppet of the government. Citizens of the US are not restricted to acting only in ways determined by the government; they may carry out actions based on their individual feelings and opinions so long as they don't break the laws or are prepared to face the consequences. US citizens who feel strongly pro-Jewish or pro-Palestinian all have the right and the opportunity to present their arguments in public policy debates and through campaigning for government representatives who agree with their stance.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I didn't realize that we Christians all hate Jews.  That part is news to me.

As far as us helping Israel against the Palestinians, it seems to be sort of a two-way street.  Israel is an ally of ours.  The Palestinians are allied with people who commit terrorist acts.  The Israelis are not completely innocent by any means.  However, if we helped the Palestinians more, wouldn't we be helping Palestinians kill Jews (with their rocket attacks and suicide bombs)?

And Canada is not exactly an enemy of Israel...

literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I, too, was confused by the fact that all Christians hated Jews. While I am sorry that a limited number of people are making you feel this way, most Christians are not like that. Outside of that, I have to applaud stolperia: "the individual is not a puppet of the government." This is true, Not all people agree with what the government does. Take a look at the U.S. right now--a lot of people are disagreeing.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
You are making some broad generalizations here. I agree that it is wrong to hate someone because of his or her nationality or religion. However, it is just as wrong to assume that everyone does. You are in a sense committing a lesser degree of the same sin by assuming that everyone in a group thinks the same way.
najm1947 | Student

Individuals are pushed by their own feelings and beliefs whereas the governments have many other considerations. At this point in time, the economic forces determine the government policies to a large extent throughout the world. If some one looks at the control of Jews on the global economy in general and the US economy in particular, it will not be difficult to reach the same conclusion. I am not sure if any data is available on financial holding in US for the ethnic divide but if someone endeavors to make a study on this aspect, I hope my thesis regarding Jewish holding will be proved. Israel is close ally of US for this very reason.

As for as the animosity of Christians and Jews is concerned, it is deep rooted in the events that occurred from the birth of Jesus to his going from the world. Jews blamed Mary at the time of birth of Jesus, humiliated him and crucified him according to Christian belief. Enough reason for the hate relationship of Christians for the Jewish community, especially for people who are in extreme love with Jesus. The others just don't care much for these events and religious beliefs, and if they show hatered, they are going to be surely termed extremists.