what are the types of teaching methods

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Teaching styles(A-J) ranges from teacher's discussion to learner's discussion. 

Three of the most common styles used in schools are: 

1. Command Style (A)

  • Teacher centered
  • Designed/created by teacher
  • Disadvantage: No student interaction

2. Divergent Style (H)

  • Student driven
  • Problem Solving
  • Increase independence

3. Reciprocal Style (J)

  • Peer teaching/coaching
  • Teacher gives agenda: students teacher each other and give each other feedback
  • Disadvantage: If the peer does not teach it correctly, it is considered incorrect feedback and the student may continue to perform the task incorrectly. 

All teaching styles are used in different purposes and situations. Depending on the task given out, the teaching style should prevail to the given task. 

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A good teacher is supposed to be a good performer. A perceptive teacher should be able to understand the problems of all students and therefore he adopts diverse techniques of teaching for helping students to learn more and more. He resorts to all sorts of audio-visual methods. In addition to being one-dimensional performer who delivers his lectures to students in class-rooms., he gives text-book assignments and writing of term papers, engages students in vocabulary drills and presentation by students, class discussions, and lecture presentations, debates etc. He should also put his ideas into picture.