According to Positive Child Guidance, what are some reasons parents and teachers dont always give "undivided attention" when responding to a child's behavior?

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since no one has answered this question since September, I will try even though I am not familiar with Positive Child Guidance.  I am, however, a teacher and mother of an autistic son.  There are many reasons why you do or don't give undivided attention to a child's behavior.  One reason to not give such attention is that it gives too much importance to that one behavior.  Sometimes behavior will diminish if not given lots of attention as attention can reinforce behavior.  In a classroom, if the behavior is not disruptive, ignoring it or giving it quiet attention is an easier method of trying to stop the unwanted behavior.  If the behavior is positive, casual attention can reinforce without drawing the classroom's attention to the child which most children abhor.  I always preferred a quiet positive comment to reinforce a child's behavior while the class was taking notes or working in groups or listening to an explanation of an activity.  A simple thumbs up works if set up ahead of time.  "Undivided" means that all other activity stops while the one child is the center of attention, and usually for me, that was a negative.  I hope this helps answer your question even though it is not in the vocabulary terms of Positive Child Guidance.