What are some problems teachers face today that were not problems in the past?problems teachers face today that were not problems in the past.

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question might better serve you in a discussion post in teachers where you would get more answers.  As a health question, changes in teaching do affect teachers' stress levels which do affect their health.  Technology proficiency and the ability to incorporate it into teaching in ways that truly enhance the teaching is a problem.  Many know the technology but don't enhance their teaching with its use which is a demand at a district level.  Demands for instant communication is an issue because many times a teacher has no time to answer email or voice mail because of meetings or preparation for a different class than the first one taught or even to change how the lesson was taught as it was not as effective as the teacher wanted. Keeping up with best practices in teaching is harder because like everything else, it changes so fast.   The current demand for testing and achievement results takes enormous amounts of time, and for many teachers, their jobs are on the line with the results.  Teachers can prepare students for testing, but cannot provide the motivation students need to put forth their best efforts.  With student mobility, the students taking the test may not be the students you started the year with which adds to the stress.  Testing isn't new, but the use of the results are and can be devastating to the teacher.

mlsiasebs eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think parents are also different.  More parents tend to hover over their children and refuse to admit that their child may have done something wrong or that their child may not be the smartest kid in the class.  Many years ago, what the teacher said was not to be questioned by student or teacher.  While I think having that as an extreme is not necessarily a good thing, I don't think it's right to be at the other extreme where the student is not to be questioned.

kumval | Student


Times have changed. In the past, students were not as rude as now. Parents are scared of their children now. Besides these, the workload of a teacher is too much. There are so many paper works to be finished on time. Teachers have to cope with clerical work and teaching. It's not an easy job.

siret | Student

The level of respect has decresed.

Students are not very seriuos

ramlakshmi | Student

The first and foremost problem for teachers is to produce immediate and tangible results rather than concentrate on long-term goals.Parents as well as administrators demand an increasing degree of accountability in terms of grades without accepting their own roles and responsibilities. As for the performance of the students is concerned , teachers have been isolated and held solely responsible for any shortfall.Parental attitude has changed dramatically over the years.The rights of the students have taken precedence over the dicretion of the teachers.Now, students are goevrned by the 'values' prevailing in the society rather than the values espoused by the teachers. Teachers , who were earlier considered to be authorities in their subjects have now lost their place of pride to internet and other gateways of knowledge.They have a need to update their knowledge continuously in whatever little time they are left with after  their hectic teaching schedule.Earlier teachers spent more time with their students.Now they spend more time with their records. In short , teachers are becoming increasingly defensive now.

just-s | Student

i think it is also how to get the work to the learners in the best possible manner that the learner will be willing to learn from.

buster101 | Student

One problem teachers face now is that classrooms need more and more materials, while funding is getting less and less and parents are not equipped to help.  Since I've been teaching, I seem to be spending more out of my own pocket, yet teachers in my district haven't had raises in four years.  We do give the parents a needed supplies list, but many can't even purchase those items, much less extra.  And we've been asked by the district to cut that list down.

Therefore, if I need, say, printer paper and the school can't buy it and the parents can't buy it and I have to have it, guess who gets to pay?   (I hope this economy gets better soon!)

just-s | Student

respect for teachers and attitude towards work!

learners don't take education seriously they come to school mainly to have fun with friends !

alilion | Student

pupils with bad behaviour not willing to listen to the teacher, not providing the adequate learning to students who need help and so pupils end up getting rubbish grades, teachers have family of their own..some come to school stressful etc..

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