What is the primary goal of the students and teachers in a university?

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edcon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The university system as we know it in the west finds its roots in medieval Europe. It provided religious and legal education after the fall of the Holy Roman Empire. It evolved to include the liberal arts, and today, the overarching goals of universities for teachers and students is the exchange of ideas, information, and knowledge. Education has always been, and remains, the key to social mobility. A university education offers individual success that then translates into a more robust economy in addition to a more intellectually robust citizenry.

The role of students is to come equipped to take on the rigors of scholarship and independent thought. Students must be self-motivated, intellectually curious, self-disciplined, and able to advocate for themselves when their studies become difficult or present challenges. They must remain open to growth.

The role of teachers is to be not only experts in their subject area, but to be in constant pursuit of new information and ideas—like students, to possess a growth mindset. Teachers must also understand pedagogy and how to effectively work with students with diverse learning styles. The role of the teacher is to meet students where their capabilities lie and work to further them.

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