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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

PowerPoint is a presentation software created by Microsoft as part of its Office line of software.  Teachers and professionals throughout the world utilize PowerPoint to make presentations in classrooms, trainings, and business and sales meetings.

As a teacher, PowerPoint can be a powerful tool if used correctly, or it could just be an expensive overhead projector.  At its most basic level, a teacher could present words just like a overhead with little or no impact or improvement to traditional teaching.  While certainly not a bad thing, it shouldn't be over utilized.  Keep in mind that the font size should be at least 30-40 in most situations or it will be too small to read if used on a digital projector, and while a wide variety of color schemes exist, care should be taken to ensure that the color scheme doesn't become a distraction. 

Sounds, videos, animations, and pictures can be added to a presentation to make it a much more impactful presentation.  Be sure to use the help bar if problems arise with the technology, but integrating multiple sensory elements to a presentation will make it more meaningful to students.

One of the biggest drawbacks of PowerPoint is it doesn't lend itself to student participation.  Teachers should consider giving students time to break out into discussion groups or opportunities to reflect upon the information being presented to them to help counter this weakness.  In addition, if the technology is available, giving students the opportunity to create and present their own PowerPoint creations could be a wonderful learning and assessment activity.

idominate | Student

lentzk I respect your opinion but you will have to keep in mind that the PowerPoint program was created primarily in mind for presenting only. Although it has come into widespread use with educators, Microsoft really meant its use for regular computer users and not for educational institution. Other programs like Prezi can be used for other purposes. In fact there are a handful of other presenting programs that are used only for preseting educationally. The only reason PowerPoint has become so widespread use with teachers it because the software it available in most software retail shops while these others software, though open source are available as an Internet download-only and have little to no marketing unlike PowerPoint


idominate | Student

PowerPoint is a presentation program that is part of the Microsoft Suite. Although it's a very good program, it consts a lot. In the end, though, you will be pleased with the product. A mew version of this products in released ever 3-4 years. The latest release has a new design, advanced in-house photo-editing, a more pleasing WordArt option, online PowerPoint App integration [named SkyDrive] and much more. These features are just some of the many that the program offers.

For a normal teacher, it would be used normally for basic text presentation with minimal pictures. Other more complex deeisgners, presenters, or promoters could  utilize this program more effectively with it varied options.