What is it like to be a teacher?This discussion is especially out to teachers. Just doing a little survey here. I want to know: 1) What made you decide or what motivated you to become a teacher? 2)...

What is it like to be a teacher?

This discussion is especially out to teachers. Just doing a little survey here. I want to know:

1) What made you decide or what motivated you to become a teacher?

2) What do you like and dislike about teaching?

3) Do you like interacting with students?

Just a sentence each will do. Thanks :)

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1. I chose education because several of my high school teachers inspired me and because I wanted the opportunity to inspire a love for learning, especially reading, in others. I specifically chose to teach high school English because teens--for me at least--are fun, entertaining, and rewarding to teach and because I love English (literature, writing, language) and knew that I could more effectively teach a subject that I love than I could one that I was simply good at.

2. I second #2 in that I strongly dislike all the bureaucracy associated with education and the lack of instilling a sense of personal responsibility. Teachers are now responsible for parenting their students, cutting costs (or spending their own money) because their districts won't cut wasteful spending, finding "creative" forms of discipline because they know that in most situations they're on their own, and trying to maintain a focus on academics despite numerous interuptions that are unrelated to academics. It seems that teachers are the only ones in the educational system who are held responsible.

3. I love interacting with students; in fact, it's what keeps me going to school each day and enjoying my job. It's incredibly rewarding to hear a student say, "I never liked English until I took this class" or "Do you have any other books like this one?"

clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1) Selfishly, I like to be the center of attention and enjoy speaking in front of people.  Ironically, teaching pays more than amateur acting.  Unselfishly, I also had several teachers who made such a difference in my life personally that they inspired me to do the same thing.

2) I like making my classroom fun.  Too many high school students trudge (or sleep) through classes and only like school for the "social" aspect.  I like being a teacher who kids look forward to seeing every day.  I like making my 90 minutes a day worth their while, personally and academically.  I do not like the level of disrespect I deal with, personally and professionally.  I do not like the daily fight (with students, parents, and some administrators) and feeling like I am constantly having to "prove" my worth.

3) I do enjoy interacting with students, especially once relationships are built.  I do not like the beginning of years and semesters when I don't know my students well nor do they know me.  I actually often end up liking individual students much better the semesters after I've had them in class.

kamiegoldstein eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I became a teacher because, honestly, I had a difficult childhood and I had a difficult time learning how to read. Once I did learn how to read, I read a lot. Reading became an escape and a way to educate myself. I was rivited by Greek Mythology and mystery novels by age eight.

I wanted to share my love of reading and of language with others. Reading and learning, being my salvation, became a gift I wanted to share. It is beyond words to describe the feeling I get from my students when they love a work of literature. Knowing that I have introduced a person to a great work of art is a gift.

Interacting with students is a joy. I dislike some of the restrictions administrators impose on teachers and some of the mandatory paper work/documentation imposed. Anything that takes away from my service to students sparks my resentment. All I want to do is interact with students. I do not want to fill out paperwork for administrators one year that becomes obsolete the next.

Teaching is fulfilling. That's it. I do not need to earn much more money or work much less. Fulfillment is why I teach.

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1)  I was actually disappointed in my high school education and the teachers there.  I liked my subjects, but I thought I could do a better job.  Plus, the on teacher who I admired did a fantastic job.  I still use some of his techniques today.

2)  I love that I get to work independently most of the time, and that I get to work with young people.  It's cliche, but it's true.  I get paid to think, and to help others think for themselves.  Can't beat that with many other jobs.  On the downside, Administration is usually an obstacle rather than an aid to us in the classroom, and there are some parents (the exceptions, mind you) who are very difficult to deal with.  And by difficult, I mean crazy.

3)  Interacting with students is the best part, hands down.

Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I knew in 9th grade that I wanted to be an English teacher, and I never wavered.  My teachers inspired me and I loved books, so English teacher was a natural fit.

There's nothing much better than watching someone grow and mature and become who they're supposed to be--and more.  Parents love that job, and teachers (or at least this teacher) love it even more because they don't have to fight quite the same battles as parents.  What joy I get from seeing struggling, unfocused teenagers become amazing, productive adults.  Like the rest of my colleagues, I dislike anything that gets in the way of what I need to be doing for kids.

Interacting with students is the best part of what I do.  Period.

Thanks for asking!

MaudlinStreet eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Interesting assignment....

1. My experiences with educators influenced my decision, as  well as my love of literature. There are few professions that will pay me to read and write what I love. This is one of them.

2.  I absolutely love listening to/watching my students learn and discover. Sharing thoughts on and interpretations of literature is what I live for! I dislike the bureaucracy involved, and the outside influences that affect my students and their education.

3. I love interacting with students! Usually! Sometimes, personalities/conflicts taint those interactions, but overall, it's my favorite part of the job.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Being a teacher is incredibly, and incredibly hard work.  You will see miracles every day.  You will also need a lot of patience.  You will work long hours for next to nothing, and have your decisions questioned constantly.  However, it's the best job in the world despite all that.

dancingqueen3346 | Student

1) Teaching has always been something I could see myself doing. I admit, I'm sort of a control freak, so having my own classroom and having the power in front of a classroom just seemed appealing to me. Now that I've been doing it for years, it's become less about control and more about encouraging students to take control of their own lives and their own education. It's rewarding to help students reach their goals and accomplish something that they've been working hard for.

2) I like the social aspects of the job. I love working with students and fellow teachers, even though it can be challenging to sometimes work with parents and encourage the continuation of education around the house. Sometimes, it's tiring and time-consuming to lesson plan and grade - that makes me want to throw in the towel after a long day... or series of days and weeks.

3) If I didn't interact with the students, I'd have the worst time in the classroom. Their spirit and personalities make the experience wothwhile.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Teaching is a part time work for me, the main function being management consulting. I teach management subject to pot-graduate students in management.  I took up teaching as a means of being more closely involved in the latest developments in the field of management thinking and knowledge. My work usually requires that I concentrate on the limited task on hand. I have no complaints about this. But I also want to maintain a a wider perspective. Teaching enables me to do this in two ways. First, teaching to post graduate students requires that I must take pains to keep myself with the latest developments in the subjects I reach. Second I get opportunity to interact with other experts from a diverse field.

In the class room I also enjoy interaction with younger people. Many times I find their questions in the class room very challenging and stimulating.

Finally, I believe teaching gives me an opportunity to share with others some of the insights into management that I have gained form my work.

hmccrory | Student
What is it like to be a teacher?

This discussion is especially out to teachers. Just doing a little survey here. I want to know:

1) What made you decide or what motivated you to become a teacher?

2) What do you like and dislike about teaching?

3) Do you like interacting with students?

Just a sentence each will do. Thanks :)

  Two things: first I love the content of secondary English, the reading and the writing, and second I love helping teens develop in to the best young adults they can be.

2) dealing with other adults, especially ones who are not very good critical thinkers, ones who put their own interests above those of their students, and ones who are lazy or dishonest.

3)  I love interacting with students.  If you don't, you should not be a teacher, IMHO.

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