How can interactive language arts build a relationship among reader, text and context?Elm/midd school

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Interactive language is mainly based on kinesthetic learning, auditive learning, and visual learning all combined. When you are able to bring relevant and interactive activities that pertain to the interest of the student, you immediately create a bond that is based on lowering the affective filter of the student, and creating a safe environment. Once these two aspects of learning are under control, the schema-building part of decoding and comprehending text comes almost automatically because the student will be completely at ease with he new influx of information, and with the new learning that is taking place. Therefore, the main importance of interactive language arts in the teaching of reading and comprehension is that it works as a strong security blanket in which the student can feel safe to learn, make mistakes, and try again.