What is the correct format  to use for a physical education lesson plan for grade five?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

PE lesson plans need the same essential parts as other lesson plans.  First, you have to have a clear standard.  Use your standards content standards for fifth grade.  Then, you use the standard to create a clear objective.  The objective is the specific goal for that lesson.  In other words, this is what you want students to learn by the end of the lesson.  Remember that PE lessons are likely to last at least several days, with most units lasting several weeks. 

Below I have included a link to a web site that contains many ideas for PE lessons.  A PE lesson should include the following.

Stretching/Warm-up- Since physical activity is going to be involved, it is important to begin a PE lesson with an appropriate warm-up.  Kids often do not get enough physical activity, so rigorous movement without a warm-up could result in injury.

Direct Instruction- Too often, PE consists of letting kids go off and play.  This is recess, not PE.  You need to organize your curriculum around specific standards and objectives.  Since PE often requires practice, a short direct lesson and demonstration is best.

Practice- Once you have instructed students in the lesson, you need to give them some practice time.  Usually, this can best be done with students working on the skill in groups while you go from group to group observing and correcting.

Recap/Cool down- It is just as important to cool down after vigorous activity as it is to warm up.  It is also just as important to review at the end of a PE lesson as it is in any other lesson.

Assessment-  Assessment is different in PE than in other subject areas, because much of it involves performance and observation.  Often PE grades are based on participation, but many states also have physical fitness tests and standards that students need to meet.  There is much informal assessment in PE, so the teacher has to be aware and observant.


amp12345 | Student

Lesson plans for all forms of teaching differ.  I know that when I was in school for teaching, certain teachers required certain formats, so you should definitely check with your professor.  Saying this I know that the basic format for most lesson plans included an objective, instruction, guided practice (practice with help), and independent practice (practice on own).  I believe this will apply in almost any teaching situation.