What is a "communication skills between the student and the teacher in the classroom?"

mkcapen1 | Student


This is a good question that can be viewed from two different perspectives; the teacher’s perspective when looking for communication as a learned skill or the relationship of verbal exchange and trust between the teacher and student.  When a teacher looks for good communication skills between the student and the teacher, he or she is often looking at how the student present’s his or her words and the way the message is being sent.  The teacher may be trying to determine if the student is able to effectively convey what he or she wishes the teacher to know.  If the teacher has taught a lesson and is looking for a response about the lesson from the student, the teacher may be listening to determine if the student can provide feedback and if the feedback is presented in a manner so that the teacher and others are able to understand.

The other type of communication entails interpersonal communication between the two subjects.  The teacher has the responsibility to effectively relay a clear message to the student and in return seeks a response from the student.  Part of effective communication involves one’s ability to read the gestures and facial expressions of the student and to obtain feedback from a student that helps the teacher to know that the student has clearly received the message.  The most effective communication skills between teacher and student involve an inter-exchange of conversation that leads to understanding and that the purpose of the message is not lost between the two.  This can best be performed by ensuring that both parties are speaking in a clear appropriate tone, make visual contact with one another, and that they both exchange conversation and the conversation is not one sided.

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