What can I expect to learn in AP Literature?What can I expect to learn in AP Literature?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I moved this to the "Teachers" group because it might be good for you to get others' insights into this.  I know we have some AP Lit teachers in our midst and to hear from them, first hand, would be critical.

I think thateveryone can agree that you are going to learn how to deal with academic rigor.  That is probably the greatest lesson you are going to get from AP Literature.  The course readings will encompass some of the greatest and toughest writers you might ever read.  I think that this will help you in future studies and provide you with a background from which to draw upon in your literature experience.  There is a fixed setting from which teachers are able to interject works that accomplish specific purposes.  Yet, I think that you will be getting a sample of Classical literature, Shakespearean, and literature from the Modern setting.  I also think that poetry will be part of this focus.  I would expect that you should be seeing much in way of thematic application of works.  I would also be prepared for tough writing.  Lots of writing in this class.  It makes sense because the literature from the course begs written exploration to be part of the course.  In all, I would say that you should probably be prepared to keep up with nightly reading expectations, either from your teacher or self- imposed.  Be prepaed to learn how to talk about "Literature" and how to write about it.  I think that you should be primed for a rigorous learning experience about literature.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The main thing to note is the difference between AP English Literature and AP English Language. Some schools and teachers do not really distinguish the two, and that is a real disadvantage to the students. The Language test focuses on rhetorical analysis, mostly of nonfiction. You might have taken this in 11th grade. Literature, on the other hand, focuses on advanced literary analysis. In each class, learning how to write is really the focus. Expect to read a lot, and complex books, and expect to write, write, write.