For K - 8 students, what are the benifits of television as a visual media?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that television can reap some great benefits to kids in the K-8 range.  Prior to any of these, I think that, like the internet or any other medium, it has to be facilitated through discussion and guidance from adults. The visual nature of television allows it to easily permeate the brain membrane and become ingrained in the child's mind and develop a greater sense of understanding.  Through this visual medium, along with adult facilitation, much can be gained.  For example, some of the best signs of an emerging critical thinking skill in a child's mind is when they are able to "talk back" to the television commercials and advertisements, undercutting the messages attempted to be conveyed.  Additionally, I think that many examples of programming such as PBS and others educational domains can be quite beneficial to children of all ages.  When children watch the news and ask questions to adults such as "Why" or "How is this important," I think that one can really see the benefits of television as a visual medium that triggers internal thought.

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