Discuss if tuitions are a necessary evil.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am going to make the presumption that you are speaking of the tuition system in India.  In this light, a couple of elements have to be brought out into the discussion.  The first would be that the emphasis on exams and scores on standardized tests makes tuitions something that most people embrace.  As long as the yearly/ quarterly exams carry so much weight in the Indian education system, the reality is that students/ parents will search for other ways to bolster pupil success.  With any high stakes standardized assessment, outside sources will be sought and in India, tuition is a part of this equation.  At the same time, the teachers who engage in tuition do so in order to gain more money.  This will be inevitable as long as teacher compensation remains non- competitive. Teachers will outsource their services to the highest bidder if the exams are going to be in place while adequate compensation is not.  In a much larger sense, tuitions will also be present so long as the emphasis in India becomes on the end score that students receive.  For so many parents/ stakeholders in India, being a "topper" in these exams is the penultimate representation of success.  As long as this mentality is evident, solicitation of tuitions and tuition centers will be a big business.  Students are used as means to ends for so many that the presence of these centers are almost inevitable.  Only until there is a seismic shift in how education is viewed in India will there be a change to how tuition centers are viewed.

just-s | Student

well i have never been for a single tution in my life and i am carrying on well in school.

my point is if you cant seem to listen tpo your teacher you will never learn!

when you dont understand ask your teacher and they will happily help you!

if you cant learn in school you will not learn the same thing some where else!