For teachers: What multimedia presentations/tie-ins have you exposed your students to regarding Brave New World?For teachers: What multimedia presentations/tie-ins have you exposed your students to...

For teachers: What multimedia presentations/tie-ins have you exposed your students to regarding Brave New World?

For teachers: What multimedia presentations/tie-ins have you exposed your students to regarding Brave New World?

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kristenfusaro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am very excited about this question because my Brave New World project was my favorite from teaching 10th grade last year. The project went as follows:

Group Project Premise:

Community. Identity. Stability. You work as the main marketing committee for the upcoming World State. The combination of your group’s keen intellectual abilities and astute perception create an advertising dream team; this dream team will be the rise of World State. To show everyone the wonders of World State, your advertising dream team will have to create a full advertising campaign for one of the following issues. Your job is unique in that you are not trying to get people to purchase your products, but instead to get people to be excited and support your ideology. Your group will choose one option to advertise. Within those options, the mediums involved include a full 10-15 minute television infomercial and at least three of the other mediums.

Advertising Options:
1. Cloning                                                                                 
2. Family Balancing                                                             
3. Soma (Antidepressants)
4. Eugenics
5. Sex Education
6. Euthanasia

Advertising Mediums:
You must have a television infomercial, and at least three of the following choices:
1. Radio advertisement                                    2.Magazine/Newspaper advertisement
3. Webpage                                                    
4. E-mail advertisement (HTML)
5. Facebook advertisement                            
6. Brochure

Television Infomercial:
-10-15 minutes long
-DVD/WMP format
-Grading will be based on: Introduction (attention grabber, thesis); Content (description, appeals, information); Visuals (attractiveness, catchiness); Delivery/Presence; Delivery/Voice; Group Participation


Individual Portion:

Each individual is also responsible for writing a persuasive essay. The essay must be 1.5-2 pages long (1-inch margins, 12-point font, Times New Roman or Arial, double-spaced). Your essay will be due AFTER the group project. Some aspects of the writing process will occur in class, most will occur outside of class. Expectations are that all parts of the process will be brought into class the day they are due. Severe point penalties will occur for NOT bringing in different parts of the process on the due date.



Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the use of any technology format has to be driven by the voice of the teacher and the input of the student.  Both have to be present in the successful integration and synergy of technology with teaching content.  In terms of Huxley's work, I would say that the use of technology would be dependent on what task is being given to students.  If students had to display their findings on a particular topic, I have found success with an online posterboard medium called  It allows students to essentially create a virtual posterboard and enables them to do more with it than a traditional paper and glue posterboard.  If students had to compose a presentation of findings in the novel, Powerpoint is fine, but I have also used a different form of it at a site called  Whereas Powerpoint operates on slides, prezi is a zooming presentation editing program that operates on a canvass.  It is a very sophisticated approach to presentations that allows students to reflect on their work in a unique manner.  Finally, if the task aims to drive at student reflection of work, such as the traditional reading journal or personalized response to text, why not have them blog about it?  Having students create a blog is a modern way to gauge their reactions.  It's posted on the web so anyone can read it and opinions can be solicited worldwide. How cool would it be for students to blog about Huxley and then have a university professor who teaches classes on the novel post comments about what a student wrote?  I think great introduction to blogging for students.  Again, the technology forum and purpose has to be driven by what students are required to do.  In this light, technology and multimedia is simply another tool to enhance student advocacy and expression.

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