Study Abroad for teachersI am a 34 year old English teacher who is interested in studying abroad .  I am not particular about what I study, I just want the experience.   What would be the best...

Study Abroad for teachers

I am a 34 year old English teacher who is interested in studying abroad .  I am not particular about what I study, I just want the experience.   What would be the best way of doing this?  Is it possible to do it through a university even if I am not enrolled?  

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Check the fullbright teacher grants,  the Oxford/Berkeley program, and the State-sponsored teacher exchange programs that every district offers in a slow but steady basis.

I went to Oxford University through the Oxford/Berkeley program. They have you choose a course and you stay there at the college. You get 3 graduate college credit hours, and the whole experience changed my life.

The Fulbright grant is another chance for teachers to go for one month, one summer, one semester, or half a year to teach in a different country while getting credit. I am about to enroll in mine. I am 35 so, we would made great travel-mates since we both teach English WOO HOOO.

The state-sponsored by district might lead you back to the Oxford Berkeley program because I found out a year ago that 5 teachers from my district were paid to go. I was paid by the college where I teach part-time.

The other option is teaching part time at a community college and become volunteer for the study abroad to chaperone the students. You'd be surprised about the opportunities.

Send me a message if you have any questions


brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Start hitting up big corporations: Target, WalMart, McDonalds, etc. for money to help fund your year abroad, then you can put together the study program however you want, on your own terms.  Most of these companies have target amounts of charity and donation funds to hit every year, and sometimes they have to scramble to give away the cash, believe it or not.  If you are persistent and resourceful, especially in the last three months of the year (tax purposes makes donations at these times more likely) you may be able to do this all on your own hook.  Good luck!

kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Someone already suggested the Fulbright grants which is a good place to start, another possibility along the same lines is the Fulbright Teacher Exchange.  The program is far more limited than it was several years ago, but you still have the chance to simply exchange places with a teacher in another country teaching the same discipline.  It may not be "study abroad" but it certainly gives you the chance to teach and learn and study while working abroad.

accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Great opportunity to definitely make the most of if you get the chance! The most important thing to think through, as #2 suggests, is if you can achieve your goal whilst being supported through work or a bursary. There are many different options out there so good luck as you begin researching and pursuing your goal!

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many summer programs for teachers in different countries.  Some of them are not that expensive.  They may only last a week or two, but you get the experience but also be in a new country.  They are usually hosted by universities, and you can often get college credit.

Check out Effective Volunteering on the web they have volunteer teacher positions in South Africa

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