Primary Goal of Students and Teachers in a UniversityWhat is the primary goal of students and teachers in a university?

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ssengupta eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The primary goal of students and teachers in a university is the continual discussion of values, skills and knowledge.

We are living in a world where not only knowledge is changing very fast, being added to, and contradicted almost daily, but with the knowledge – and this, I feel is very important – values are constantly coming into conflict and need to be reexamined continuously in the academic community. Finally, skills. I am defining skills as a generic term, as the integration of the various competencies we learn in and OUT of the university. Traditionally, higher education – especially in elite institutions – simply take skills for granted. The opposite, by the way, is true in the community colleges. There, they emphasize the drilling of the skills, rather than their integration in the students.

What the academic community of teahers, students and – I might add, administrators – ought to strive for is how these three aspects of education, values, skills and knowledge can be seamlessly integrated AMONG EVERY MEMBER OF THE COLLEGE COMMUNITY.


brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In a university setting, you'll find more students who are there for learning, who are good at it and enjoy it, while they also have a primary goal of receiving a solid and marketable education.  I find that university teachers are focused on the primary goal of their subject matter, and the field they are in.  I have not always found their goal to be teaching at all (though I know this is not true in all cases and some professors are fabulous).  Rather, I think the primary motivation of many university professors is to get paid to study their subject, teaching being simply the means that allow them to do that.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I completely agree with the previous post. The goal of education at any level is foster a love a learning. I believe that we are all life long learners.

Another goal at the college or university level is to assist students in becoming experts in their particular field of study. This not only includes the content of the course but other skills as well such as organizational skills, time management skills, etc.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In a university, most of the students want to get their degrees and join the workforce.  I would say that the goals of the instructors are split.  Some are interested in research, and some are interested in their students.  Those interested in research really don't have much interest in the bodies in their class, but those who are there for students are interested in preparing them for the workforce.

kc4u | Student

Dear Priyanka, hope you will admit that the primary goal at any level of teaching-learning is the same--to teach effectively and to learn motivatedly. University education is no exception or, at least, it should not be. Teaching is much more than a job of cramming the learners with some grave/austere matter. It has to be useful as well as delightful, and for that a good teacher needs to have serious and well-intending learners.

Even at the university level the basics of effective teaching and serious studentship should not be any different. Of course, the learner is now more mature, better exposed, and so hopefully better poised to enjoy more intellectual freedom, arguing..analysing..interrogating..verifying..debating..and may be sometimes defying/challenging the teachers in a student-like manner. Syllabuses shall be more of an open nature, class-room teaching shall be more provocative/imaginative/innovative...Seminars,Workshops, Projects, Excursions etc. would expand the space of teaching-learning to be more exciting.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Students and teachers in a university  groups engage in distinctly different activities. While main activity of student is studying and learning, the main activity of the teachers is to  teach. Yet we can say that they are pursuing a common primary objective or goal - that is, improving knowledge and mental capabilities of the students. As a matter of fact we can say that the university are established with the primary objective of imparting education, and common goal of all the people employed by the university is to impart education to the students.