My son is getting into the 5th grade and we're wondering what we can do for him in getting better grades?

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First of all, be happy that you are parents involved with your child's education. Is there a reason for your concern?  Is he disorganized?  Unconcerned? Shy? Can't see the board?  Doing only enough to get by? Grades not up to his level? Try to determine why his grades don't match his capabilities or why you are concerned.  Work WITH his teacher to help him succeed. 

 As for helping him get better grades, study skills are a big part of doing well.  He needs a quiet place to study which is well lit and organized.  He needs to organize his subjects by color so that the red folder and the red notebook are for science while the blue set is for language arts.  Helping him learn to take notes easily will help as will teaching him how to study for a test or performance.  For example, if he has a speech to give in class, have him check how long it should be, what it should contain, and then have him write and practice.  Notice that he is doing the organizing and writing of the speech.  Where you come in is the practice as you can be the audience.  If he has a daily record book, ask to see it each day and see if he is doing his part of keeping track of deadlines and assignments.  Some students have trouble with major projects and he may need help from you to break it down into manageable parts. Use mnemonics  he can make up himself such as words or letters to remember pieces of information such as the names of the planets.  However, remember that you are helping him to learn to study for himself on his own, so that you are his guide but the responsibility is still his.  I hope this helps you.   There are many resources about study skills in books, on-line, and through the teacher.   

taangerine | Student

As I have struggled in school before when I was in elementary, my parents actually enrolled in enrichment programs. There, the following things had happened:

  1. Making new friends. I made new friends who became a more positive influence in my life. I am actually still friends with many of them now.
  2. My tutor was my role model. At the enrichment program, I truly respect many of the tutors that were there because they were really good and efficient with everything that they have done. I had always wished to grow up and be someone like them one day. I worked harder and harder because of that.
  3. Rewards. At the enrichment program, I learned that the better and the more you improve.. the more prizes and rewards you get. Because of that, I worked harder and strived to improve. 

This is what helped me become a better student. If you can not enroll your son into an enrichment program, you can still have him become acquainted with new friends that can become and give him a positive learning environment. Invite his friends over for study dates and sleepovers. They can do homework together and be good buddies! Furthermore, you can bring a college student or someone respectable to meet him, preferably with similar or common interests that he can look up to as he grows up.Moreover, you can reward him with small prizes as he improves and becomes a better student at school! 

  • Don't ever give up! This is just the beginning (: 

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