Layers being peeled off to reveal nothing or a seed that is bringing forth new life.  How do you bring the two ideas together for your students?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both are fairly powerful elements.  I think that both metaphors have meaning and relevancy in the classroom.  I do believe that there might need to be a level of clarification needed in both quotes though.  I think that the idea of layers being peeled to reveal nothing lacks the essence of what students are.  The peeling of layers helps to reveal the nature of the student and allows the teacher to better understand how they approach learning and how to teach the student.  Seeing their essence might also help the teacher reflexively understand how they, as the instructor, learn.  I am not sure that there is a "nothing" there.  The idea of a seed bringing forth new life is also a great metaphor, but it carries with it the implication that some seed does not grow.  In the end, I am not sure any educator could afford to say this in the classroom.  We know this reality and confront it, yet we never acquiesce to it and I think that this is where we are.  In critiquing both, perhaps both ideas can be reconciled in the modern classroom setting.

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