Is is acceptable to beat a student if they have done something wrong?Is is acceptable to beat a student if they have done something wrong?

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I suppose this is in a country other than America?  While there are some states in America that allow paddling, that's more controlled than actually beating a student. No on can beat anyone in America.  Besides, it's counterproductive.  Beating students does not help them learn.  It only makes them fear you.

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Oh my goodness! I would hope that you are not asking this from an experience point of view. If you are, please seek out someone who you trust for help.

Hitting a student is never acceptable. This corporal punishment is not accepted in any fashion in the world today and should never be part of the classroom. While it has seemed to become a common place (violence) on popular media sites, the fact is that violence is NEVER the answer.

There are many different ways to discipline a student. Schools have lists of these, ask your own school for the discipline manual. I am certain that you Will not see "beating" as an option.

Basically, the short answer is "NO!"

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I hope you are not going to get different answers here.   I do not believe that hitting or physical/ emotional abuse can be a part of educating a student.  While I am open to many different approaches in educating a student, this is one whose door will be closed for me.  The first issue is a pedagogical one.  What message does it say when educating a child into the pantheon of scholarship involves abuse and physical pain?  If we, as educators, are seeking to broaden minds and increase scholarship, inflicting pain cannot be part of that equation.  The second point I have against it is that th abuse of a child on the part of a teacher unwarrantingly increases the authority of the teacher, as if they are infallible.  I think that everyone can point to one or two teachers in our lives who were insufficient, lacking in certain qualities, or even incompetent.  Think for a moment:  Would we want them to have inflicted pain on us?  This is something that students who are abused reflect upon and think about in terms of who is inflicting abuse.  Teachers are not parents, and while we are another set of guardians for children, this is not something that can include abuse.  Finally, the belief that physical contact works simply is faulty logic.  Teachers who beat students and point to success or submission only can point to these because of the threat of abuse, not out of any bond forged or any sort of connection made with their students.

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Would you beat your own child if they made a mistake?  If not, then clearly, your answer would be "no" to any other child.

Physical punishment is never the right way.

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