Interviews with AuthorsWhat contemporary writer would you like to see interviewed on eNotes?

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I'd like to second Lois Lowry, but also Margaret Haddix.
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Lori Steinbach | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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Is this something eNotes is considering? What an exciting prospect! I agree with many of my colleagues and would add Abraham Verghese (Cutting for Stone) and James McBride (The Color of Water) to the list. I find each of them intriguing and think their interviews would be fascinating.

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I would love to see Enotes interview Orson Scott Card.  He writes science fiction books that my students love to read and talk about(he writes the Enders Game series).  He's always been willing to talk with my students who write him, and has given many of them helpful tips over the years about becoming authors themselves.  He even gave one student an autographed copy of an soon to be published book. On of the great things about Card's books are that they are good for students of all ages and for both male and female students.


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Karen P.L. Hardison | College Teacher | eNotes Employee

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How about Barbara Ehrenreich? I'd love to hear her recent thoughts about being the working poor in America, especially in this new economic milieu of joblessness. Interviews on eNotes? This is news!

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Another great discussion. If enotes could interview anyone, it would be great to interview Cormac McCarthy. His view of the world from The Road is bleak, but it would be facinating to talk to him about what he thinks in happening in the world. There seems to be a lot of troubles ahead. Also I would also love to know what other book projects he is working on.

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I would like to add Walter Dean Myers and Mary Shelley. While Shelley isn't alive to comply (too bad), Myers would be an author I would love to interview. One of my students' favorite books is Monster. I would also like to interview Laurie Halse Anderson. She writes another one of my students' favorites, Speak.

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I agree that securing an interview with Harper Lee would be great, but I suspect that she would refuse eNotes as she has refused almost all other requests for interviews.  The same thing would probably happen with Cormac McCarthy. Tim O'Brien, on the other hand, might be amenable. So might Alice Walker. Louise Erdrich might comply. Others might include Ray Bradbury, Maya Angelou, and Elie Wiesel.  I was able to interview Amy Tan a few years ago, and she was very cooperative.  Good luck!  Sounds like a wonderful idea!

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I would also love to see an interview by Harper Lee. I would also enjoy an interview by either Mitch Albom (The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Tuesdays With Morrie, etc.) or Katherine Stockett who wrote The Help. For me, it would not just be interesting to learn about the process, but the people in each author's life that inspired each writer to take up "pen and paper" and share their story (stories) with the world.

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I would be looking at which contemporary novels are most frequently asked about here at the enotes site. I certainly notice a lot of questions about The Kite Runner, so an interview with Khaled Hosseini might be an interesting resource for students who are working on that novel.

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If eNotes could convince Harper Lee to talk about To Kill a Mockingbird, it would be a true coup, since she is one tight-lipped ol' gal about her novel. I'd love to see an interview with Jeffrey Shaara (Gods and Generals), son of Michael Shaara (The Killer Angels), to see if yet another generation of Shaaras were planning to write another Civil War novel. (My step-daughter went to school with Jeff's nephew, who may have some ideas of his own.)

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In the vein of Post #2, how about Lois Lowry?  It seems like everyone is reading The Giver and sometimes Gathering Blue as well.  And she might actually be pretty accessible.  She actually came and talked at the library (or maybe the middle school, I forget which) in my dinky little town of 20,000 people.

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I'd like to hear from Toni Morrison, author of The Bluest Eye, and Beloved.  Stephen King, believe it or not, has published books on the craft of writing.  I'm sure kids would like to read an interview with J.K. Rowling. 

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I think Suzanne Collins would be a great choice. Every high school student I know loves The Hunger Games, and there are always  Hunger Games questions and discussions going on here at eNotes.

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One of my all time most enjoyed books is The Giver, by Lois Lowry. This is an amazing books chalk full of wonder and terror which is placed in a world that goes beyond and above to make life simply perfect.

It would be amazing if Lois Lowry would be able to be a part of this interview!