How would I write a persuasive essay on a career of a teacher and how does it relates to computers and technology?if it possible..can you give me an intoductory paragraph to start off pleasee??

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Obviously computers and technology are a huge part of any teacher's life as the educational establishment has fallen head over heels for the idea that technology is the key to preparing students well for the future.  So for someone who is considering becoming a teacher and working in that field for an entire career, an approach to technology and its deployment in the classroom is an important consideration, one that will have to be examined and formulated in order to approach the use of it effectively.  A future teacher will need to be familiar not only with new technologies but with the theory behind its implementation and the pros and cons of technology use as well as the research that has been performed into the effects of technology integration into curricula and classrooms.

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thanks for your responds...Now i have an idea on what to write about on my paper but im still stuck on how to began my intro paragraph

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