In how many schools have you worked?My contract stated back in 1999 that I was entering a system with LOADS of veteran teachers (35 years teaching PLUS) and that the union had negotiated a system...

In how many schools have you worked?

My contract stated back in 1999 that I was entering a system with LOADS of veteran teachers (35 years teaching PLUS) and that the union had negotiated a system of seniority. Being at the bottom of the Totem Pol I had no choice but to sign. I have worked in 7 schools in 10 years. What is your experience?

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I have been teaching for 34 years, mostly in public schools.  The first year, I was a long-term sub in a Catholic high school in St. Louis.  After my husband and I moved to Georgia, I have taught in 4 public high schools, and two community colleges (night school.)  I have also taught summer school at a private high school for the last 5 years.  I have taught grade levels from 8-12, but I teach mostly 12th graders now.  Over the years, I have seen many changes in education.  But kids are kids wherever you are.

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I've been teaching for 43 years (including 17 years of teaching/administration).  38 of these were in 4 high schools, the remaining 5 in College.  All these years have been in private religious schools.  Most of these were spent teaching English, but the last 9 were as a technology director in a high school.

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Not counting the tons of schools I subbed for in L.A. and then Sacramento before getting my first full time teaching position I've been at 2 high schools and 1 international school (China). My first posting was at a tiny town and run by an old boys club, I didn't like the way it was run so 2 years later I rushed off to the big city.  There I found that getting a job wasn't so easy and a declining budget made jobs few and far between.  I finally landed a part-time job at an amazing high school to only be let go because of MORE budget cuts.  With no jobs in sight I broadened my view and took off to China to teach English in a very small and rural city.  Next stop: Japan! :o)

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I have taught in 4 schools in 15 years.  The first two were in Arizona, and then I moved to California, and in 6 years, I have just left my second school.  My last school had 4 teachers who were "lifers"-- there for over 25 years each!

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I've taught in four schools in 11 years and finally have found the perfect school.  I taught 8 years in Indiana public schools and therefore gave up my Indiana retirement, because I didn't have ten years.  I now teach in Ohio and although I gave up my Indiana retirement found that the Ohio benefits/retirement are so much better that it's been worth giving up the meager Indiana retirement I had accumulated.  Not to mention my current school is a much happier place to be. 

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I haven't been in the teaching game for very long, only about seven years now.  Most of that time has been spent as a private tutor; however, I have worked for Ryerson University in Toronto as a Campus Leadership Advisor where one of my responsibilities was to organize, and give academic study sessions to first year engineering students, and I am presently a TA while I finish my PhD.

All three different situations gave me three very different experiences.  A lot less organization goes into being a private tutor.  It is usually up to the student to tell you what they are doing in class, and what they are struggling with.  On a few occasions I have worked with the student's teacher because of a learning disability (I went to the school and invigilated the student's exam), but the responsibilities of a private tutor are definitely very different from those of a formal teacher.

Organizing study sessions, and my work as a TA requires more direct involvement with planning, but I've yet to be in a situation where I am solely responsible for creating the course material and delivering it.  I very much look forward to the day when I get to create me own course as a professor.

Beacuse my experience is not as a full time employee of an academic institution I have had exposure to a great many universities, colleges/CEGEPs, highschools, and elementary schools.  Too many to count.

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I have taught in dozens of schools in my career. As an English as a second/foreign lanugage teacher, I first worked for large companies that might have several branches in each city. Since each branch has its own personality, I considered each of them as a separate school. Following those years, I began to travel around Europe and Asia Minor, working for a year or part of a year at each school before moving on to another country or another part of the same country where the culture was markedly dissimilar.

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cybil | High School Teacher | (Level 1) Educator

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In my thirty-seven-year career, I've taught at three schools. The first two were big public high schools; for the past 29 years I've been at an independent boys school. Although I did my student teaching in a junior high school, I've taught grades 9, 10, and 12 in my career. Teaching all boys has been very rewarding; it certainly offers different challenges from those in teaching co-ed classes. Serving as department head for 15 years provided yet another challenge and set of experiences. I anticipate staying in my current school until I retire.

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Four schools in seven years. Believe me, it made it quite difficult to track down signatures as part of National Board. But each one taught me something a little different -- and now that I've found the perfect school (yes, such a thing is possible), I think I'll stick around for a while.

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I've worked professionally at only two schools in my nine year teaching career, but I've student-taught at three other schools.  I've taught at both a private and public school, and from grades ranging from fourth to twelfth.

After reading the other posts, I find that some teachers seem to find that teaching in multiple schools and/or at multiple grade levels has helped them; personally, I am happy where I am now-teaching what I love at a public high school!  My wife, a former first-grade teacher, doesn't see how I can handle the teenage attitudes, but I couldn't see how she handled the miniature classrooms, shoe-tying problems, and runny noses.

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MaudlinStreet | High School Teacher | (Level 2) Senior Educator

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I actually returned to the high school from which I graduated after college. I have been teaching 5 years, and have remained at the same school throughout. I know the community, and I've experienced much of what the students are now living through. I am currently working on my master's, with the hope of teaching community college. Teenagers and young adults work best for me....I would never have the patience for young children.

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I've worked at 4 schools in 10 years. I, too, am a change-of-career teacher, and my first job was in an urban school with most students living below the poverty level. It was a middle school, and I really wanted elementary; it was very hard to get an elementary principal to give me a chance. Apparently there are a great deal of politics involved in transferring, especially between middle and elementary school. Elementary teachers in this district think they work harder than middle school teachers. Once I did get a transfer, I stayed there for 5 years. We got a new principal whose micro-managing style did not work for me, so I transferred. I was only at that school for one year because they opened a new school nearby and my job was eliminated due to smaller numbers. I'm now at a school that is is close to my house, and has a great principal.

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I have worked at one junior high (what we now call a middle school), two high schools, and two colleges over the course of a long career.  I was especially fortunate to work at one school, my second, for 21 years.  I truly believe that it was my experience at this school that really led me to develop into a genuine educator.  I had a wonderful principal at this school who allowed us the freedom to develop our strengths.  In addition, the school was small, allowing for camaraderie among the faculty and closeness within the student body.  when this school closed, I was transferred to a larger school in the district. I directed the play as I had at the previous school, and this allowed me to develop good relationships with students.  Now I have left K-12 and have been an adjunct at two colleges (simultaneously for a while though I now just work at one).  The range of teaching has given me a good persepctive on the profession, but I believe that spending a long time in one school was the best thing that could have happened to me in this career.

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I've been teaching for nine years; for four of those, I was a graduate student (at our university, we were given our own comp classes, and didn't work with faculty). Since graduating, I've stayed on to work as a lecturer (mainly American and World Lit) -- and although it's enjoyable, I'd love to go tenure-track somewhere else.

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I've worked in two schools in my 10 years of teaching--one in South Korea and the American public high school where I currently teach. I teach in a non-union state, and I was fortunate enough to hire in during a good economy, and so at the time no teachers from my school were being excessed to other schools.  Now that we're facing severe budget cuts, we are excessing teachers, but that is based on seniority, and in my department, I've been there longer than most.

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