How do I write an "advanced essay plan"?My tutor has asked me to write what he calls an advanced essay plan for an assessment question. I know how to write an essay, but I'm not sure what an...

How do I write an "advanced essay plan"?

My tutor has asked me to write what he calls an advanced essay plan for an assessment question.

I know how to write an essay, but I'm not sure what an "advanced essay plan" involves.

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For British essay writing and plans, as you indicate you are in a British university system by "tutor" and "assessment," Sussex University has applicable information in their "Study Skills" sections for all things related to essays and dissertations.

Referencing Sussex University, Jonathan Buckley, and Robin Banerjee, an advanced essay plan is likened to a detailed table of contents. It will keep you aware of what you will write, where it will go, and how much word space it will take up. First, of course, is your introduction, between 5-10 percent (8000 words, 5-700 word Intro), in an inverted pyramid structure moving from general to how your topic is relevant to the field then to your focusing thesis sentence.

The sections of the body that follow set out your scope and understanding of your reading. It will first provide background information and other research on your topic. It will then provide a discussion of the evidence supporting the point you are making. This is critical to showing your mastery of the material and of the corpus of work already done on the question you are addressing.

The next section of the body will provide your analysis of your findings. This is the place where you get to show your mettle, to show your critical thinking skills at work. You will also present and answer counter arguments here. This section is the smallest body section, about 30 percent, but the most important to your assessment. This, of course, is followed by the conclusion (also 5-10 percent) that restates your focusing thesis and the conclusions you have drawn. Here, you also get to criticize any of the earlier work you reference and suggest future research if you wish.

Your advanced essay plan will include headings for each of these sections with complete sentences expressing the central point you wish to make in each one. This plan will incorporate the essay divisions you choose, whether sections with headings or otherwise. Your plan will tell you--and your tutor--exactly what you will say about the central points you want to include. This is not the same thing as an outline, though it is similar. This is best understood as a table of contents that tells you what you want to say about your central points.

epollock | Student

The only essay plan I know of is what is called an advanced essay rubric which lists all of the parts of a formal essay with what your plan for the details or evidence even though you might not at this point know what they are or what they consist of.

The first is the attention getting statement.

The next is the background information.

The third is the thesis.

The fourth, fifth... are the topic sentences along with the details that you think you can find to support your essays. You also need an analysis of how your evidence supports your topic sentences.

Then you need the purpose of your paper or the general purpose of writing the essay along with a final dramatic statement. Yourconclusion will be more than mere summary and irt will provide a greater closure to your essay.

These elements are all considered part of the advanced essay rubric.


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