How do teachers determines a student grade when using a rubric as their guide?

Expert Answers
Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Using a rubric is an accessible and more objective way to grade student assignments.  Rubrics are useful tools because they usually divide up aspects of the assignment into categories worth points.  For example on an essay rubric, there might be a category for style worth twenty points; in the style category, the teacher might assign different amounts of points for style elements used in the essay. 

Rubrics really help break down the grading process for both the teacher and the student, allowing them to perceive the total grade as it relates to the student's success in each category.  A well-planned rubric should allow for a range of points to be scored for the degree of success in each category, as well as including descriptions of the goals or objectives of each category that the student should meet in the process of the assignment.  The teacher uses the rubric to evaluate the individual components of the assignment and then adds up all the points earned for the final score.

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