How can teachers evaluate how technology can be used in the typical classroom (k-12) to enhance teaching and learning?

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gojsawyer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to evaluate how technology can be used in the K-12 classroom, one important step is to consider the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). As new national standards for education, the CCSS has been adopted by nearly every state. The CCSS is currently the key driver of curriculum, teaching, and learning. For the most part, this means that any enhancement in teaching and learning, whether relative to technology or otherwise, should be aligned with CCSS. Currently, the CCSS has been codified in reading and math.

Other areas of the curriculum, such as science and social studies are integrated and cross-curricular. The CCSS emphasizes reading of informational and nonfiction texts at all grade levels. Classroom technology for teaching would need to align with CCSS. Similarly, student learning through technology would need to engage the CCSS. Enotes has several resources available regarding technology in the classroom. Some of those resources are included below.

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