Please me understand a brief overview of the "Andragogy in Practice" figure added as an image below.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my mind, the diagram displays the tenets of andragogy and what is to be generated from them.  The core of the model represents the core learning principles which guides all andragogical instruction. The manner in which content is delivered and how instruction is facilitated is rooted in these learning principles.  The ideas of the learner's need to know, their self concept, activating and drawing upon their prior experience, establishing a readiness to learn along with an orientation and motivation are all elements that exist at the core of andragogy.  From this, all other valences can be navigated. If this core remains intact, then other essential aspects of andragogical education can be realized.

The diagram indicates that ideas such as differentiation and growth are wedded to the core learning principles.  The diagram stresses that Andragogy in practice cannot lose sight of the core adult learning principles.  These are the foundations from which all other elements can be generated.  The diagram is suggesting that when these principles are understood, anything and everything else in the realm of andragogical education can be facilitated.