Focusing on the students' need for communication, examine how a teacher would relay information to them and their parents.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Increasing communication between teachers and students can take on different forms.  One such way is the simplest of approaches in writing notes or letters to students.  Students find the personalized approach of writing notes something extremely meaningful.  In general, letters are a lost art form.  When a child receives a letter from a teacher that is personalized, speaking honestly and openly about areas of strength and improvement, rapport is developed.  Sending copies of these letters to parents is good practice to increase communication.

Along these lines, sending emails to parents and copying students on the email is a good idea to increase communication.  I think that being able to reach out to parents through email can often provide quick feedback to ensure greater partnership is evident.  If email is not present, sending letters home to students/ parents, or even hand delivering such notes could be effective means of communication.  

Another informal means of increasing communication can result in taking a personal interest in student life.   Attending students' extra curricular opportunities can help to develop an "in" where communication becomes evident.  During a time out in a basketball game or in the set up before a play or recital, a well inserted conversation about student success, achievement, and potential areas of growth can be quite meaningful. It might be good practice to follow up with the student the next day about what transpired.  Finally, I think that student- led conferences about student growth can be another realm in which communication to parent and student about where they are and where they need to be can transpire.

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