Favorite background kids' soundsWhat are your favorite background kids' sounds? I've been listening to a "songbird" across the way going over and over an impromptu aria refrain in the key of A...

Favorite background kids' sounds

What are your favorite background kids' sounds? I've been listening to a "songbird" across the way going over and over an impromptu aria refrain in the key of A major on a lovely /ah/ intonation. Over the last forty-five minutes of repeating variations on the same spontaneously composed tune, the boy soprano--I think--of about 8 or 9, I'd say, has developed a rich resonance and a subtle pleasing vibrato, with some staccato passages thrown in for an interesting texture and effect. I don't dare go out to see who it is or to encourage the study of singing for fear of dampening the natural outburst of song. So--what are your favorite background kids' sounds? Laughing at a swimming pool? Pat-a-cake games in a waiting room? Do tell!!

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I guess my very favorite background sound is of my older child (Leia Rose) trying to teach my younger child (Annie) anything and everything.  Most recently, Leia was trying to explain to Annie why a character in a book would be bewildered enough to mumble a non-existent word.  (In this case it was Mr. Dursley of the Harry Potter series mumbling "mimbywimble" as Hagrid explains how Harry is a wizard.)  I love to hear Leia's methods, ... and even her frustration ... as she shows such great love for Annie.

On a more humorous note, Annie has one of my favorite sounds, too:  screams of animal names.  Ha!  Let me explain.  Last Christmas, I made Annie a book that would compliment an unusual interest of hers:  animal skeletons.  Each page has an animal skeleton with a flap that shows the living animal.  Annie LOVES to go through this book, scream out the name of the animal, then lift the flap to see if she is correct.  I love this sound so much, that I actually took a video of Annie doing this crazy thing.  Ah, the memories!

wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
My favorite sound is that of my 19 month old laughing. Of course, I'm bias, but he has the best laugh. Somehow he has a rather deep voice for a child his age. His laughter takes on a range from a deep tenor to high tinkling in the same breath. There is nothing I love to listen to more than the sound of his laughter. As a classroom teacher, I loved the sound of students having that ah ha moment. I often let them work in groups and I loved to hear the discussions (when they were on topic of course). The change in a student's voice when they finally get it is a wonderful sound.
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I work with older students in their last year or two of high school, but I do love the sounds of any conversation that has to do with history, higher thinking skills, philosophy or debate going on, that is not directed or prompted by me.  It's somewhat rare, but when it happens, it's one of the best moments as a teacher in a classroom.  If a class full of students would do that from the beginning bell, I would gladly sit in the back of the room and say/assign nothing, and just let them run their own Socratic seminar.

accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't know about my "favourite" background of the sound of children, but the one I am inflicted with most is the sound of screaming/crying/thumping/shouting/inconsolable lamenting as my four little gems wend their way through the day in their normal manner. I am sure it is just me though :-) No, when they get on well together there is nothing more pleasing to my ears than the dulcet tones of their laughter as they have fun with each other rather than at the expense of each other.

literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have always loved the sound of a child laughing. I cannot help but to break out in laughter myself. After the death of a student in our school last year, I found it necessary to raise the spirits of my students. I scraped the lesson plans and we watched AFV for the remainder of the day. The laughter resonated through the halls. I even had students who were not in my classes come in to get a break from the sadness.

So, my favorite sound? Laughter!

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is easier to choose the aggrevating sounds that children make rather than the joyful sounds. In the classroom, I particularly like (1) the laughter that comes after I make a successful joke; and (2) the silence of students working diligently on their assignment (no easy task at times). As for young children, the innocent laughter of them at play is definitely my favorite.

missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My favorite sound has to be the hoots and hollers from families as they watch their seniors graduate. That is a sound that demonstrates so much emotion: sadness, pride, joy, nostalgia, and fear. Some of it is very loud, other times a family can barely express their pride because it is a sad moment to see their baby all grown and done in their home.

pirateteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's rare that my students let the guard down and get excited about anything.  One of my favorite sounds is hearing them cheering together as one full school body.  They laugh, cheer, jeer, and act like kids together without worrying about what they're wearing or if they look cool or not.  It's very refreshung and exciting.

lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I love the to overhear my  5 year old daughter singing along to music on the radio while she rides in the back seat of the car.  It amazes me how many lyrics she knows and what parts of songs she knows by heart -- she isn't going to be a star, but she certainly puts her whole heart into it sometimes.

minnielauren | Student

I must say my favorite sound was a child who memorized all the train stops. When I lived in Chicago, there was a little boy who was sitting across from me on the train. There is an automated voice of a woman who tells you which stop is next on the red line. There was this little boy- about 5 or 6 and he would say the bus stops before the automated system would say it. I heard this little boy say these train stops about 10 times and just was amazed. They are like sponges at this age- it was the best thing I have ever heard from a child.

My favorite sound is when a child repeats something that was remembered from repetitive activity.