Explain "how different classroom environment at each grade level"??

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator
This question covers a wide variety of answers. At each grade level, students are so different that the environment in the classroom must account for those differences. In the lower primary grades which include kindergarten through second grade, the room should be colorful, inviting, and with many places to work at different projects. Teachers work very hard to help students adjust to being at school and learning school skills such as listening, moving from one activity to another appropriately, plus learning the curriculum of the grade level. In the upper primary grades of three through five, students need to be in a classroom where the curriculum skills are part of the decor of the room. The math section may display what they must learn for the year or are working on now. The writing section may post examples of their work. A few rules of the classroom are usually displayed so that students know what is expected of them which is critical for their success. In the middle level grades of sixth through eighth, classroom environment emphasizes curriculum and the discoveries to be made if you listen and study. Students at this level need activity in their lessons just as they do at the primary levels. A firm but reasonable teacher keeps control so that everyone can learn and has a curriculum plan to help students achieve the academics needed. High school grades in this country are nine through twelve, and the empasis is on preparing for life after high school whether that is college, technical fields, or working immediately. The courses chosen reflect the students' direction in their life with the environment being ways to help them figure out where they are going or want to go. Teacher interest in students is critical in all levels of education, and environment surrounding the students should reflect their age and interests. I do hope this helps you as I found this question harder to explain than I expected.
sarah4321 | Student

everytime when a student go to a high level their knowledge is more than the other  kids and harder and study more

nandusocio | Student

in k.g. level classroom full of sweet children and they have not ego, their friendship relations are true, they have fire to know everythings. but slowly slowly upgrade level students and teachers both have ego, and ego make selfish to our relationship. friends have compitions to each others, and true human being is die, so a author says close schools. schools are ruining our huminity.

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