Einstein's PHYSICSWhy was einstein's physics was proved FALSE?

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Einstein has NOT been disproven! The researchers who claimed that they had seen neutrinos move faster than light probably jumped the gun when they released that information. They have been unable to replicate their findings, and now it looks as though the reason is that they made a mistake. Here's a link to an article about it that says that the result indicating faster than light neutrinos may actually have been the result of a loose cable in the equipment.

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Einstein's theory of relativity has not really been proven false, just incompatible thus far with quantum mechanics, which was in fact anticipated by some of Einstein's work. Unifying quantum mechanics and Einstein's physics has been the great goal of theoretical physics for decades now. There has been much publicity about the findings at CERN indicating that Einstein's assertion that nothing can move faster than light, but the broad contours of both the general and special theories of relativity continue to guide astrophysics. 

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cz it actually WAs wrong?!