Does anyone have a format or template that a high school student could use to compare a film to a novel based on it?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many of my assignments include watching the filmatic adaptations of the original text. Most of the time, the students are looking to compare and contrast the differences between the film and text version.

For example, when my seniors study Beowulf, their main focus on the film and text lies in the shift of light and dark imagery. The text shows a distinct alignment with good and light. The movie, on the other hand, tends to blur this. Beowulf is named the Dark Wolf and Grendel's mother is shown radiating a golden light (gold being another image depicted in the text as referring to God and the Danes/Geats).

I would suggest that you create your own assignment in order to compare and contrast a filmatic adaptation against that of the original text. You know what you are focusing upon in regards to themes, literary devices, and characterization. I doubt you will find a template which speaks exactly to the ideas you are presenting (I know because I faced the same problem).

I would suggest going to the eNotes documents section and typing in the text you are wanting to view and compare to film. You may find many different examples which you could use to format your own.