Compare strong and weak study habits.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From a teacher's point of view, I think that one of the strongest elements in strong and weak student habits lies in work ethic.  Strong work habits develop over time and students who possess strong study habits display this.  They present a more disciplined approach to studying, ensuring that incremental performance of studying and reviewing material multiple days or even weeks before an exam helps to demonstrate success on it.  Strong study habits feature an organizational method where a student is confident enough to know what is on an exam and how to go about preparing for it.  Strong study habits display themselves in both a physical and emotional organizational element where items are clearly defined and clearly placed.  It is in these realms where I think that teachers can sense the demarcation between strong and weak study habits.  Weak study habits rely on the temporary fix as opposed to a structural approach.  I sense that weak study habits are more concerned with the momentary and contextual definition of success than something that is more thorough and more demonstrative of a pattern or habit of academic success.  It is here where I think that the difference between both realms exist.

mlsiasebs eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Students seem to think that being able memorize facts will allow them to solve problems (regardless of the subject) but that generally doesn't work for many classes.  Students need to take the time understand the whys and why nots for questions. 

In chemistry, I see students who know how to do a problem "once they get started" because they've memorized the procedure.  However, they are unable to apply the concepts initially to the problem to figure out what type of problem it is.  In these cases, the student would be best served by doing practice problems (randomly rather than following the book) and taking the time to inspect the work that led to an incorrect answer so they can prevent mistakes in the future.

kc7092 | Student

well strong and and weak studying habit is nothing its an psychological mind making. for example in a class if a teacher ask a student to frequently read lessons. peer group say he is gud and the person who dont get chance come under weak. study habits depend on intellect . if you are intelligent but dont like reading you willnot at all be called strong while a student who read daily experiment with his voice modulation and is a good speaker is called a good reader/


student should participate in debate s helps a lot

kevin0001 | Student

Weak and strong study habits can vary from person to person. Weak study habits can be when a person doesn't have the will to study and procrastinates. It can be when a person studies but doesn't use the most effective way to learn. Strong study habits is when the person has a good way to learn and or study. Weak study habits doesn't help you learn as much as the strong study habits.  

udonbutterfly | Student

Old habits dye hard and it is the same way with weak studying habits. Although we can realize that the way we are studying still is not producing the grades we want we will continue to follow the weak studying habit because it is the only way we know and are comfortable with. The best way to get out of a weak habit is to search a new studying method that not only seems more rewarding but interesting. For example, reading a chapter with a chocolate between each paragraph. It's like you are reward your self and thus teaching your self to remember better because perhaps you might get chocolate.