Can anyone direct me to help in writing a Madeline Hunter model lesson plan?  I am a 4-8 student in Tx.  Thx so much!

uwfotogal | Student

The Madeline Hunter Model Lesson Plan Outline

The Madeline Hunter Method


Subject Area:

Grade Level:

Unit Title:

Lesson Title:

Objectives (Write 2-5 objectives stating expected learner outcomes.):

Materials/Resources Needed:

Anticipatory Set (List specific statements or activities you will use to focus students on the lesson for the day.):

Objective/Purpose (For the student's benefit, explain what students will be able to do by the end of the lesson and why these objectives are important to accomplish.):

Input (What information is essential for the student to know before beginning and how will this skill be communicated to students?):

Model (If you will be demonstrating the skill or competence, how will this be done?):

Check for Understanding (Identify strategies to be used to determine if students have learned the objectives.):

Guided Practice (List activities which will be used to guide student practice and provide a time frame for completing this practice.):

Closure (What method of review and evaluation will be used to complete the lesson?):

Independent Practice (List homework/seatwork assignment to be given to students to ensure they have mastered the skill without teacher guidance.):

Below are three citations; one of which is for the information given above; the other two are sources I found available that should be very helpful in developing your lesson plan as per you question for resources to help you by providing references.  

If you have any additional questions or if we can provide additional support, please ask again.

It was a pleasure helping you today.  Thank you.