C-Management HELP PLEASE1)what are the advantages & disadvantages of classroom managent? 2)How does it(C.M)impact delivery inthe classroom/ what kind of impact does it have on delivery in the...

C-Management HELP PLEASE

1)what are the advantages & disadvantages of classroom managent?

2)How does it(C.M)impact delivery inthe classroom/ what kind of impact does it have on delivery in the classroom?

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are tons of threads started on this already that you may want to read... but in short, classroom management is the FIRST THING to tackle as a new teacher. Once you've got it down you'll hardly have to think about it.  But in my opinion, don't worry about anything else as much as you worry and figure out your management plan.


  • If students aren't settled enough to listen to you, they cannot learn.
  • Consistent management saves time and although in the classroom time may not seem like money - ultimately, it always is... after my first year of teaching I was able to get everything planned and graded without taking any work home.  Ever.  And I taught WRITING.  Management.
  • Management promotes respect.  Respect promotes relationships.  Relationships promote success.
  • Good management also promotoes independence in students - a positive for LIFE - and not just yours in the classroom.


Keep in mind, one strategy does not work forever.  You must be willing to work with your students.  However, there is success in CONSISTENCY.  Kids do not like to be surprised.  They do not like inconsistency.  (Heck, humans don't really like it, do we?)  So whatever you decide to do, stick with it for a while to and wait it out.  Be firm.  You must earn your students respect and trust before you can start being flexible.

Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are NO disadvantages to classroom management--every teacher should have it! 

Seriously, though, what I find most critical in the area of classroom management is consistency.  Set clear boundaries and have high expectations, and you won't regret it.  Students will test those limits; however, once they know you'll be firm, fair, and consistent they'll have the freedom to be creative and confident.  Students will flourish in a fair, consistent environment.

Wish I knew the trick to make that happen easily and naturally for everyone, but I don't.  I'm confident, though, that everyone can do it.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have a problem with the premise of your question.  Every classroom is mangaged somehow.  You can't have pluses and minuses.  I would argue that classroom management is the most difficult thing for teachers, because everyone has to find their own style.  It's not synoymous with discipline.  It's everything about organizing and running your classroom.

hthr1974 | Student

If you don't manage your classroom they will manage you. 

First you have to make your expectations of your students very clear.  Most kids yearn to be good students.  If you have clear guidelines on what that means it will be easier for a student to achieve that.  If on the other hand they are unsure of how to be a good student they are more likely to give up and just go ahead and do what they like.

Next, consistency.  If a child feels stable and safe it will be easier for them to reach out further than they would be able to in an environment where once again, they are unsure of the consequences.

Be firm, be tough, and then reward big.  That's what works for me.

dakotateacher | Student

Classroom management is like your first visit to a pet store or zoo.  You see the reaction of each animal to you as you visit and talk to them.  As you get close and give direct attention, the animal responds to keep your full attention.  As you back away and leave that animal or pet to visit with another one, you are greeted by another and another and another.  The ritual continues until each have had their moment of need filled.  THEN you become the animal trainer and take control with a routine or pattern that the students/animals need to see every day from you.  They will respond accordingly and appropriately.  You will be happy and they will be too.

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