By doing the following activity what the teacher is trying to teach his class.  Fifth grade teacher ask his students to make some colorful poster with a view to sell those to next 5th grade that...

By doing the following activity what the teacher is trying to teach his class.


Fifth grade teacher ask his students to make some colorful poster with a view to sell those to next 5th grade that is section B. And he reminded the student that your objective is to SELL those to them. The teacher also added: The person who will sell the most will be the winner.

By this activity what the teacher is trying to teach his class.

Ref: Mass media/ Media literacy, how media change people thought, how media help make/ furnish opinion, how media influence on society/ bias people.

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M.P. Ossa | College Teacher | (Level 1) Distinguished Educator

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The closest to a lesson on persuasive writing is how media influences thought. It is not media literacy because it is not asking for any specific literary technique except for (we infer) rich and detailed description and persuasive techniques. However, the teacher is not openly asking for it, so its not a persuasive exercises although the technique must be included. The project is looking for rate of approval, not for specific types of bias, so it is not the last choice either. It is not asking either for people to tell their opinion, so its not the third choice either. So it has to be the second choice, how media changes people's thoughts. After all the teacher will be looking for how the kids' posters influences the other classroom to the point that they will want to buy the goods that the control classroom is selling.

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Ashley Kannan | Middle School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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As previously noted, the lesson is about advertising and how the media influences others.  This is without question.  Yet, I think that the teacher should also seize this lesson as a teachable moment to discuss how individuals can manipulate others through media.  There should be some critical thought given to how advertisers are able to mold public opinion to a great extent.  The traditional argument is that the media merely "reflects" public opinion.  In many instances, it is the media that helps to mold it.  From a passive receptacle, it is an active agent that reinforces some values and denigrates others.  In this activity, I think that the teacher could be teaching his or her students what it means to be in the position of power to mold others' opinions (the notion of "whoever sells the most" wins can help to underscore this), and how advertising plays off of individual desires in order to substantiate purchasing of products and services.

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hmccrory | High School Teacher | (Level 1) Honors

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Are you saying that the students are trying to sell the posters themselves?

I'd say they are trying to teach persuasion, but they will really end up just making it a contest in which students are most in tune to what other kids think is cool, and which students are better artists.  I get the idea, but I think in practice it will not go as well as a different activity would go.

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getreal | Elementary School Teacher | eNotes Newbie

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I think the teacher  is trying to to teach the students about creativity as well as how to make a product that will sell. The teacher could also implement math skills,spelling skills,.The teacher could also talk about different art styles and art preffences. I think the teacher was also trying to get the class to think of creative ways to make something sell.A creative teacher could implement all kinds of skills into this one lesson.

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goldenlocks4 | Elementary School Teacher | (Level 1) eNoter

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The teacher is trying to teach them math, reading,art, selling, and socail skills , and how to get some one to buy something that they real don't want to buy, I think he was doing them a good thing with this lesson, it want them to have fun doing the work and learn from it, if all teacher would try to make it more fun in class the students would come and want to learn.

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