Describe the elements of the communication process between teacher and student in the classroom.  

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Communication theorists have many different models of communication processes. Most share though, four key elements, sender, recipient, medium, and message.

Sender: In a lecture class the teacher is normally the sender, but in discussion, or even when students ask questions or submit homework, students may also take the role of senders.

Recipient: Students are assumed to be recipients in many classes, but in upper level seminars and graduate school, the teachers and students are more likely to participate equally as senders and recipients.

Medium: Although the main medium of classroom instruction is oral, many other media are also used, especially in technology enabled classrooms. In so far as students read books and write assignments and use websites that contribute to the learning process, other media are part of the classroom experience as background even during purely oral interactions.

Message: The message is the content of the course.

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The essential part of  communication between the teachers and the students in the classroom is to build mutual confidence and trust.Once this is achieved, scholastic communication will prove to be effective and   easy.To achieve this, intiatives are to be taken  by the teachers with their approach, skill, knowledge and sincerity. 

The other elements of communication are clarity, simplicity , empathy and resolve.

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