Are there any teacher materials for Sunrise Over Fallujah?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The web has plenty of resources for Myers' book.  I think that the link below is a good starting point.  Having said this, I strongly suggest that these should be only seen as a guide.  While they might have been field tested with other groups of students, what is out there seems vague and imprecise in terms of working with specific students.  The teacher knows their students the best, and I think that being able to use these resources is good, but their use has to be contingent on being able to fully grasp how the specific teacher's students will understand the book and the themes or ideas from it.  Certainly, these can be a starting point.  The ideas of social justice, moral and professional responsibility, and the notion of war, in general, are all excellent ideas from the book.  Yet, in seeing the lesson plans out there, I strongly encourage you to modify what is there to match what you have with your students.

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