What makes the use of metaphor, humor, and analogy in teaching useful?  

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As a teacher, learning to use metaphor, humor and analogy in your classroom gives you more tools to reach students.  Metaphor is a good way to compare something which may help a student understand why two unlike things are similar to each other.  The two unlike things may be a concept in another subject, not just English. Humor is a tool which has many uses such as defusing a conflict or tension between students or the teacher, lightening the mood when working on a difficult concept, or letting the students see the teacher has a sense of humor when the work .  To me, this tool is the most useful of those you have chosen as it is the most versatile.  Analogy is another way of helping students understand a concept or vocabulary. The connections an analogy makes with the comparisons point by point are another way of reaching a student who is having trouble. I also think that purposeful physical movement can be a great additional tool to review, to check understanding, and to get students involved if they aren't listening.

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When teaching people, it is always good to spend some time on form as well as content. In other words, the manner of your teaching is as important as what you teach. If a teacher is completely boring and cannot communicate information, no matter how brilliant this person is, he or she is a poor teacher. 

In light of this, the uss of metaphors, humor, analogies, and other techniques are welcome in any teaching context. It is important to remember that different students learn in different ways. So, if a teacher can use many styles, then he or she will be able to reach more students. 

Finally, it might be worth mentioning that the best thing a teacher can do for a student is to instill a love of learning. This, often, comes by communicating effectively.