Expressions And Idioms Quotes

  1. Bated breath
  2. Breathe life into a stone
  3. Brevity is the soul of wit
  4. Budge an inch
  5. Caviary to the general
  6. Cruel to be kind
  7. For goodness' sake
  8. Foregone conclusion
  9. Full circle
  10. Good riddance
  11. He hath eaten me out of house and home
  12. Heart on my sleeve
  13. Hob nob
  14. In my heart of hearts
  15. In my mind's eye
  16. Laid on with a trowel
  17. Laugh oneself into stitches
  18. Neither rhyme nor reason
  19. One fell swoop
  20. Salad days
  21. Short shrift
  22. Sweet are the uses of adversity
  23. Sweets to the sweet
  24. The be-all and the end-all
  25. The milk of human kindness
  26. The primrose path
  27. The time is out of joint
  28. The whirligig of time
  29. Too much of a good thing
  30. Vale of years
  31. We have seen better days
  32. What the dickens
  33. Wild-goose chase