Shakespeare Quotes

O, what men dare do!

O, what men dare do!

"O, what men dare do! What men may do! What men daily
do, not knowing what they do!"

Claudio speaks these angry words at his wedding to Hero. He has been duped once again by Don John, who has been scheming to break up their impending wedding, and now seems to have succeeded. Don John had one of his followers, Borachio, stage a love scene at Hero's bedroom window, with a woman dressed in Hero's clothes and whom Borachio called by that name. Claudio was lured into watching this scene, and became immediately convinced (again) that Hero was unfaithful to him. At their wedding ceremony, Claudio loudly denounces Hero, accuses her of lechery, and refuses to marry her. Hero's father believes it, as well, and joins Claudio in condemning her. She faints in shock over these false accusations, and everyone believes she is dead; everyone except the Friar, who does not believe in Hero's guilt, and plans to expose the wrong-doers for their evil plan, reuniting the lovers in this romantic comedy.

Themes: marriage, infidelity, plots

Speakers: Claudio