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Now go we in content

Now go we in content

"Now go we in content
To liberty, and not to banishment."

Celia speaks these words to her cousin and good friend, Rosalind, as they prepare to be "banished" from the court to the country. In this satirical glimpse of pastoral life, brothers are pitted against brothers, and are exiled to the Forest of Arden. Orlando, younger brother of Oliver, wishes to receive his share of the inheritance of their late father. Oliver does not want to give it to him and instead arranges for Orlando's murder. Orlando decides to leave for the Forest of Arden. Meanwhile, Duke Frederick (who rules the country in which Orlando and Oliver live) has taken the throne of his brother, Duke Senior, and banished the latter to Arden. The daughters of Duke Frederick and Duke Senior (Celia and Rosalind, respectively) are good friends, and they too decide to travel to the Forest of Arden together, Celia makes this remark, which reflects that the forest represents more a sense of freedom from the tense jealousies of the court than actual banishment.

Themes: satire, family, freedom, nature

Speakers: Celia