Shakespeare Quotes

I have no other but a woman's reason

I have no other but a woman's reason

"I have no other but a woman's reason:
I think him so, because I think him so."

Lucetta, Julia's woman in waiting, has answered Julia's question about who she thinks is the best among the eligible suitors presently seeking her hand. There is Sir Eglamour, a fine knight; the wealthy Sir Mercatio; and finally Proteus, one of the two gentlemen of Verona. Lucetta prefers Proteus, who has just sent a love letter to Julia, but she cannot say why. Julia, who is secretly in love with Proteus, is resolute in wanting to hide this knowledge from everyone. She makes a great show of tearing his letter apart, unread, but having second thoughts, she scurries around on her hands and knees picking up the torn pieces so that she can read it.

Themes: love, gender

Speakers: Lucetta