Shakespeare Quotes

Let every eye negotiate for itself

Let every eye negotiate for itself

"Let every eye negotiate for itself
And trust no agent; for beauty is a witch
Against whose charms faith melteth in blood."

Claudio utters these words having just been duped into believing his beloved is unfaithful. Claudio is in love with Hero, but he is quick to believe the lies of people around him who wish to do harm. In this scene at a court dance in which the revelers have donned masks, Don John and Borachio have pretended not to recognize Claudio's disguise. They pretend to think he is someone else, and then tell this person about Hero's plans to run off with another, which is a lie. Claudio believes this at once and prepares to end his relationship with Hero. Once the truth comes out, Claudio reunites with Hero and they continue to prepare for their wedding. Of course, Claudio is duped again into believing Hero is unfaithful, and again he calls off the wedding, but once more is reunited with her and they finally wed in this romantic comedy.

Themes: love, romance, infidelity, deception

Speakers: Claudio