Shakespeare Quotes

I follow him to serve my turn upon him

I follow him to serve my turn upon him

"I follow him to serve my turn upon him."

In the opening of this tragedy, on a warm night in Venice, we hear a conversation between Roderigo and Iago, the latter being one of literature's most notorious villains. In this scene, Roderigo tells Iago how upset he is by the fact that Desdemona, with whom he is in love, has eloped with Othello, the great Moorish general. Iago is a soldier under Othello's command, but he hates his leader and wishes revenge for the promotion of Cassio over himself as high-ranking lieutenant. He admits to Roderigo that he only continues in Othello's service because he wants to plot against him, and he encourages Roderigo to join in the plot as this will gain him the hand of Desdemona. In this scene, Iago begins to move into play the pieces of a conspiracy which will lead to ultimate tragedy.

Themes: jealousy, deception, plots

Speakers: Iago