Shakespeare Quotes

All the infections that the sun sucks up

All the infections that the sun sucks up

"All the infections that the sun sucks up
From bogs, fens, flats, on Prosper fall, and make him
By inch-meal a disease!"

Caliban hates Prospero, and in this soliloquy he holds nothing back. Born savage and deformed by the witch who used to inhabit the island, Caliban is now a slave to Prospero, the new ruler and severe taskmaker. When Prospero and daughter Miranda were shipwrecked on the island many years ago, Caliban welcomed them. However, Caliban became enslaved on what was essentially his inherited island. On Prospero's behalf it should be noted that while he tried to tame and educate the witch's offspring, Caliban resorted to his true nature and tried to rape Miranda. In this scene, he is chopping wood and frightened by a clap of thunder. He believes that Prospero has sent spirits to torment him for being late with the wood, "His spirits hear me and yet I needs must curse."

Themes: anger

Speakers: Caliban