Which Element Am I? Quiz

Which Element Am I? Quiz

Created by t-nez

Test your knowledge of the chemical elements

  • Question 1

    I'm a metalloid that's found in sand and is an important semiconductor used in the electronics industry.

  • Question 2

    I'm found in all living things and I have three allotropic forms in nature: Coal, diamond and graphite.

  • Question 3

    I'm a halogen that's a solid at room temperature. I undergo sublimation to produce a purple gas.

  • Question 4

    I'm an alkaline earth metal that produces the bright white sparkles in fireworks. A white suspension of my hydroxide is used to treat indigestion. 

  • Question 5

    I'm a yellow, solid non-metal that forms -2 ions. I'm an ingredient in gun powder.

  • Question 6

    I'm a noble gas that's used in bright car headlights.

  • Question 7

    I am an alkali metal, found in bananas, and my symbol comes from the latin word Kalium.

  • Question 8

    I was discovered by Marie Curie and named for her home country.

  • Question 9

    I'm a transition metal with a turquoise oxide that give the Statue of Liberty its color.

  • Question 10

    I'm a metal that's solid at room temperature but will melt in your hand.

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