The War of the Worlds Overview Quiz

The War of the Worlds Overview Quiz

Created by Jamie Wheeler

What do you know about the Martian invasion of England? Take the quiz over the science fiction classic The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells and find out! 

  • Question 1

    What does the "Black Smoke" do to people it envelopes?

  • Question 2

    How does the narrator escape the Martian heat rays?

  • Question 3

    What finally ends up killing the Martians?

  • Question 4

    What happens to the men who approach the Martians with a white flag?

  • Question 5

    What do Martians do with people they capture?

  • Question 6

    What do people first believe the Martian ship to be?

  • Question 7

    What was the "great light" seen six years prior to the beginning of the story?

  • Question 8

    Why do the local papers say that the Martians will never be able take over Earth?

  • Question 9

    How does the curate die?

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